Godumai Dosai (Wheat Flour Dosa)

Godumai dosai or Godambu doshai – This version is my mom’s recipe. This dosa does not require fermentation or prior prep. Moreover, ingredients are very basic pantry staples. So, you can make it just whenever you want – a quick and easy recipe. The dosa is a really soft, melt-in-the-mouth variety 🙂 ….

This one is an entry to the Dosa Mela event by Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons. Read on. 


Wheat flour (regular chapatti aata): 1 cup
Rice flour: 2 tablespoons
Cumin seeds (Jeera): 1 teaspoon
Green Chillies: 2 chopped fine
Salt to taste
Cooking oil for making dosas + 1 teaspoon 

* I use less of rice flour to get the nice wheat flour taste – you may vary the rice flour amount to your taste. A point to keep in mind – the more rice flour we use, the crispier the dosa gets.


  1. Mix the flours and salt in a bowl. Gradually add water to make a thin batter. Ensure no lumps when forming the batter.
  2. The consistency of the batter should be thinner than the normal dosa batter. You would need about 1.5-2 cups of water.
  3. In a teaspoon of oil, temper the cumin seeds (jeera). When they start popping, add the chopped green chillies and roast well. The jeera and chillies may be added without tempering, but this brings out the flavors better.
  4. Set aside to cool. When slightly warm, you can add the tempering to the batter. Mix well through the batter. Suggest cooling the tempering before adding to the batter as the hot tempering may cause the batter to lump.
  5. Let the batter rest for 20-30 minutes. This makes the dosas better. You can try making it even without resting.
  6. batter.jpg

  7. Heat a griddle (tava) [I use non-stick for this dosa so it doesn’t form a sticky mess]. Grease the tava with a few drops of oil.
  8. When the tava is hot, turn the heat to medium. Pour a ladle-full of batter and spread like a dosa. You can swirl the griddle around to spread the batter or pour the batter from a height of about 6 inches.
  9. Grease the uncooked side and the edges with a few drops of oil.
  10. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes on each side while turning over. The dosa is ready when browned on both sides.
  11. dosa-closeup.jpg

  12. You can also make these as mini-dosais for bite-sized dosas.
  13. mini-dosas.jpg

  14. Serve them with sambar, chutney, or our very own, dosai-molaga podi – traditional chutney powder for dosas.

8 Responses to “Godumai Dosai (Wheat Flour Dosa)”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve blogged your dosa as a model recipe in the 1001 dosa cookbook at http://ramkicooks.blogspot.com/2008/02/1001-dosas.html


    From skribles: Nice to hear that you liked my recipe for wheat flour dosa. Thanks for adding my recipe to the 1001 dosas cookbook, Ramki! Hope more people try and enjoy this simple, quick, tasty dish ….

  2. Hey, I like your dosa very much. Perfect colour and shape.

    From skribles: Thanks Sri

  3. very interestingly dealt with , so much so even a novice can make these. thanks

    From skribles: Thanks krishnamurthy

  4. Lovely Dosais 🙂 Looks yum yum.

    I have posted my version of Godumai Dosai in my blog My Scrawls. Do visit my blog in ur free time. would be happy to receive your comments 🙂

    From skribles: Thanks Anu 🙂 Will surely visit ur blog …

  5. A small suggestion..

    You do not need to add rice flour to make it crispy.. Make the batter more watery and pour it in tawa.. Add oil and cover it with a lid.. That should also make the dosa crispy..

    From skribles: Thanks for ur suggestion Gayathri – will chk next time if it works …

  6. very good recipe !!

    i added some yoghurt and chopped onions…gave it a very nice flavor 🙂

    From skribles: Thanks Vinodha – nice idea.

  7. nice dosas, I will try it and it is very easy.

    From skribles: Thanks Malini.

  8. I had a craving for dosa not having had in a long time – over a year – being a single guy this was a quick fix – nothing to go wrong recipe – made with just the wheat flour – came out great – ate with dosa molagai podi and youghurt – my favorite and I am stuffed full. Thank you very much!

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