Sabudana Patties

Had some sabudana at home – and didn’t have enough to make a khichdi. Thought of making these sabudana patties (cutlets) – similar to sabudana vadas but I didn’t deep fry them … as they were made on the griddle (tawa), I call them patties rather than vadas.

A yumm snack – a low-fat version of the sabudana vadas 🙂 – even the sticky lot of sabudana (that does not work well for khichdi) can be made into these patties.

A snack as well as an appetizer.



This is my entry for the event – Monthly Mingle – Appetizers & Hors’Doeuvres hosted this month by Mansi of Fun and Food. This event was started by Meeta of What’s For Lunch Honey?




Sabudana (sago pearls): ½ cup

Potato: 1 large – boiled and peeled

Peanuts (roasted and coarsely powdered): 3 tablespoons

Green chillies: 4 chopped fine

Ginger: about half inch piece chopped fine

Roasted jeera powder (cumin seeds powder): ½ teaspoon

Red chilly powder: a pinch

Sugar: 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Oil to roast the patties: about 2 teaspoons



  1. Clean and wash the sabudana gently (so that it doesn’t become a mush) in a colander and keep the colander in a bowl of water for about 20-30 minutes such that the sabudana are immersed in it. Remove colander from the water after about 20-30 minutes and set aside to soften and drain for at least 3 hours. I placed it for about 6½ hours. Perform this step gently and carefully – as it the main one – It can cause the sabudana to turn a mushy mass or become very dry if not performed properly.

    Dry and Soaked Sabudana
  2. To make the patties mixture, mash the potato in a bowl to a nice crumble without big chunks.
  3. Then, transfer the soaked sabudana to the bowl gently.
  4. Add the remaining ingredients except oil and mix in gently. Avoid stirring vigorously or adding any more water as the batter might become too sticky.
  5. Heat a griddle and smear a few drops of oil on it. As the griddle gets well heated, take a small ball (about the size of a small lemon) of the sabudana mixture and flatten in the palm of your hand. You can dip your fingers water as well as smear your palm with water so that the patty does not stick to your hand. The patties can be about half a centimeter thick – as thicker patties may not cook well from inside.
  6. Reduce the heat to low and place the patty on the griddle. Make patties in the same way and place on the griddle – cook about 5 at a time – depending on the size of the griddle and the patties.
  7. Drizzle a few drops of oil around the edged of the patties and cook on low heat on both sides till nicely browned and crisp.
  8. Take off the griddle and serve.
  9. You can enjoy the sabudana patties with a variety of sides – sweetened yoghurt/curd, tamarind chutney, or tomato sauce. We liked it with hot and sour tomato sauce. Tastes best with a cuppa chai along with the patties 🙂 Can be served as a snack or an appetizer.

2 Responses to “Sabudana Patties”

  1. looks great! nice idea to roast them on a griddle than shallow-fry:) thanks for sending it over to MM Jan!

    From skribles: Thanks Mansi for the nice words and for hosting the event!

  2. Nice idea.I was looking for sabudana vada non-fried version and I got it.
    Any more items like this?

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