Mixed Lentil/Bean Adai

Adai is a regular feature at home apart from idlis/dosas. Adai more coz it has more lentil/beans – nutritious. This time I tried making the adais without adding any rice at all. And the adais remained as tasty as usual – so I might try skipping the rice occasionally. I also make the instant version that I have posted on my blog earlier.




A mixture of lentils/beans of your choice: 1 cup

I used whole green moong, chana dal (bengal gram split), udad dal (black gram split), rajma (kidney beans), black eyed beans – that I had on hand

Oats: 1 tablespoon (any variety you have – not the sweetened/flavored one)

Green chillies: 3

Dry red chilly: 1/2

Ginger: 1 inch piece

Asafoetida: 2 pinches

Curry leaves: 5-6

Salt to taste

Oil for making adais


*Ginger and asafoetida reduce flatulence that might be caused by the beans.



  1. Clean and wash the lentil/bean mixture thoroughly. Then soak in about 2-3 cups of water overnight (for about 8 hours).
  2. Before grinding, drain the water, wash them thoroughly (this reduces the gas-causing properties).
  3. Grind the lentil/bean mixture with the green chillies, red chilly, ginger, curry leaves, and asafoetida powder in a blender/food processor/mixer-grinder to a medium coarse consistency. Add fresh water (about a tablespoon at a time) while grinding.
  4. Transfer to a vessel/container and add salt to taste.
  5. Also, powder the oats in a spice/coffee grinder or a chutney jar of the mixer-grinder.
  6. Mix everything well to get a homogenous batter. The batter is ready to make adais.
  7. If you like to ferment the adai batter, you may keep it for the same – about 8 hours or so. We don’t like to ferment the batter so we skip this step.
  8. You can store the batter in the frige in a container with an air-tight lid.
  9. Heat a skillet/griddle (tava). When well heated, grease with a few drops of oil. Turn the heat to medium.
  10. Pour a ladle-full of batter and spread out with the ladle to a circle like a dosa/pancake.
  11. Grease around the edges with a few drops of oil.
  12. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes on each side while turning over. The adai is ready when browned on both sides.
  13. You can serve them with any of these sides – unsalted butter, jaggery, sugar, honey, sambar, chutney, or dosai-molaga podi – traditional chutney powder for dosas.

2 Responses to “Mixed Lentil/Bean Adai”

  1. Adai looks so delicious and healthy..gud recipe

    From skribles: Thanks Priti

  2. Quite an healthy one…got to try this

    From skribles: Thanks EC

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