Doodhi Molagutal/Kootu (Bottlegourd-Lentil Gravy)

Another healthy molagutal/kootu recipe with doodhi and lentils – at the same time is really tasty too 🙂 It goes well with rice as well as rotis/chapattis. Even kids like the molagutal – you may further reduce the chillies for them. 

This one uses moong dal instead of tuvar dal used for traditional kootu recipes – this is because moong dal is a good combination with doodhi (other names for this humble vegetable – gheeya, lauki, surakai, sorakaya). 


Doodhi (Bottle grourd): 1 medium sized
Coconut: 1 tablespoon
Green chillies: 1 roughly chopped
Moong dal (Green gram skinned and split): ¾ cup
Udad dal (Black gram skinned and split): 2½ teaspoons
Dry red chillies: 2
Cumin seeds: 1 teaspoon
Black pepper powder: a pinch
Asafoetida (hing): a pinch
Mustard seeds: 1 teaspoon
Turmeric: ¼ teaspoon
Rice flour: 1 teaspoon
Oil: 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste 


  1. Wash and peel the doodhi. Deseed and chop into small cubes.
  2. doodhi.jpg

  3. Cook the doodhi in sufficient water to immerse the pieces and moong dal in 2.5-3 cups of water in a pressure cooker for about 4-5 whistles or till the dal is mushy. Turn off the heat and wait for the steam pressure to be released by the cooker.
  4. In the meanwhile, we can get the rest of the ingredients ready. Dry-roast two teaspoons of udad dal, one dry red chilly, and cumin seeds in a frying pan (kadhai) till the dal is lightly brown. Set aside to cool in a plate.
  5. Grind the coconut and green chilly with the roasted dal, red chilly, and cumin seeds to a coarse paste in the chutney jar of a mixer. I don’t have the mixer, so have an alternative method for the people who don’t have one. I grind the dry components in a coffee/spice grinder to a coarse powder. Then, this powder, coconut, and green chilly can be ground with a couple of tablespoons of water in a blender/food processor.
  6. In a frying pan (kadhai – I reuse the pan to have less utensils to wash), heat the oil and add the mustard seeds and remaining udad dal. Fry till the mustard seeds pop and the dal begins to brown. Add the asafetida and sauté.
  7. Add the cooked doodhi and moong dal from the pressure cooker. Mash the moong dal a little before adding in. Include the ground coconut-spice paste to the pan as well.
  8. In a bowl, dissolve the rice flour in water to a smooth paste and add to the doodhi.
  9. Also, add salt and the black pepper powder. Mix the ingredients well. Allow to boil and cook for 5-7 minutes more so that the flavors blend.
  10. cooked-kootu.jpg

  11. Turn off the heat and enjoy hot with rice or rotis. Paruppu thogayal goes well with this molagutal as well. The recipe follows soon.
  12. doodhi-kootu.jpg


One Response to “Doodhi Molagutal/Kootu (Bottlegourd-Lentil Gravy)”

  1. kootu was very color full and seems to healthy recepie

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