Coconut Coriander Chutney

After simple coconut chutney, I like the one with coconut and coriander to go along with snacks.

This one too can be made mild or spicy to your liking and taste. The one we have at our place is a simple one with no onions or garlic. The chutney tastes best with fresh coconut. I used fresh coconut as we find the frozen coconut not juicy enough for chutney.


Coconut: ¼ cup of scraped/grated fresh coconut (or equivalent pre-grated frozen – but, fresh tastes best)

Green chillies: 5

Ginger: ½ inch piece

Coriander leaves: 2 handfuls

Roasted split Bengal gram (dahlia/daalia): 2 handfuls [This dahlia is different from the usual split Bengal gram (chana dal) – dahlia is easy to chew while chana dal is quite hard to bite]

Lemon/Lime: 1

Salt to taste


  1. In case you are using frozen coconut, thaw it for about 30-40 seconds or till the coconut is soft.
  2. Extract the juice from the lemon/lime.
  3. If the coconut is chopped into pieces, begin by grinding it in a chutney jar or a food processor. If the coconut is grated, start with the dalia. Grind for about 3-4 minutes (1 minute batches).
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients, including salt to taste – except the lemon/lime juice.
  5. Grind to a puree of slightly coarse consistency using the lemon/lime juice and very little water.
  6. Transfer to a serving bowl/container. Mix well. Check and adjust the salt and consistency to your liking.
  7. It is ready to be served and enjoyed! If not using immediately, you should refrigerate it – stores for a couple of days – but best tasting fresh.

We like this chutney without tempering, but you may use a tempering/tadka of your choice if you wish.
In earlier days, chutney used to be ground on a stone (called ammi-kallu in tamil) – that gives the best flavor and taste to the chutney.


One Response to “Coconut Coriander Chutney”

  1. Thanks for ur recipe, i wanted this recipe for a long time. Looks yummy, will try this weekend 🙂

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