Chilly Rava Dosa (Semolina Crepes)

This one is a quick and easy dosa recipe. It is a dosa/crepe made with rice flour, semolina, all purpose flour (optional), and spices. This is a dosa that requires no soaking, grinding, fermenting – no overnight waiting!

It is the first time I tried making it at home. Wanted to try making it like the ones in the restaurants – lacy and crisp. And, it sure did come out that way. Here’s my version.
This dosa also qualifies for a low potassium recipe as it does not have lentils (which are high in potassium). Therefore, this dish also features in the low-potassium section.

This is an entry to the Lights Out Knives Out event hosted by Celine. No electricity has been used in making this dish 🙂


Rice Flour: 1 cup

Fine Semolina (bareek rava): ½ cup

Green chillies: 1-2 (You may vary the number of chillies to your taste and spice level you can take.)

Cumin seeds: ½ teaspoon

Curry leaves: 4-5

Asafoetida powder: a pinch

Cooking oil for making dosas + 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste


* You may add a handful all purpose flour as well. As a variation, you may add ginger, coriander (cilantro) leaves to it as well.



  1. Mix the rice flour, semolina, and salt to taste in a bowl.
  2. Make a thin batter with about 3.5-4 cups of water. Ensure no lumps. The batter should be very thin consistency – like milk/buttermilk.
  3. Finely chop the green chillies and curry leaves.
  4. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a small pan. Add the cumin seeds to it.
  5. When the seeds are frying, add the asafoetida powder to it and turn off the heat.
  6. Add the chopped green chillies and curry leaves to it and sauté for a few seconds. Wait till it is slightly cooled – this ensures that the batter does not form a lump due to the hot oil. Then, add to the batter and mix well.
  7. Set the batter aside for around an hour. You may even try making dosas immediately.
  8. To make dosas, heat a griddle/skillet (tava) [I use non-stick for this dosa so it doesn’t form a sticky mess]. Grease the tava with a few drops of oil.
  9. When the tava is hot, turn the heat to low. This batter cannot be spread with a ladle like a normal dosa. There are several techniques used. Here are the options I heard from my sister-in-law and J aunt (I used option a):
  10. a.       Gradually pour/sprinkle the batter with a ladle from a height of about 6-7 inches – start by pouring the batter from the edges and work towards pouring it in the center.

    b.       Pour the batter at the center and swirl the griddle around to spread the batter.

    c.       Hold the griddle away from the flame, pour the batter at one end and gently tilt the griddle to spread the batter around.

  11. The dosa/crepe forms the net-like pattern when the batter is poured this way.
  12. Increase the heat level to high. Grease the uncooked side and the edges with a few drops of oil.
  13. Cook for about a minute or till the dosas are nicely brown and come off the tava easily. Rava takes longer to cooker than the normal dosa.
  14. Turn over and cook the other side for about a minute as well. The dosa is ready when browned on both sides. Take off the griddle.
  15. Here’s how I made them:

  16. Reduce the heat to low and make the next dosa. Repeat to prepare dosas this way – This batter needs to be stirred every time you make a dosa as the water tends to separate.
  17. Serve them with sambar, chutney, or our very own, dosai-molaga podi – traditional chutney powder for dosas. We had it with coconut chutney and molaga podi.

3 Responses to “Chilly Rava Dosa (Semolina Crepes)”

  1. Rava dosa looks nice & crispy! The chutney looks great too.

    From skribles: Thanks for the compli Vani

  2. Nice recipe fav..

    From skribles: Thanks Divya 🙂

  3. I have always wondered how they make these lacy indian breads – i can now try to make some myself 🙂 thanks for submitting this Jan!

    From skribles: Thanks Celine for the nice words and for hosting such a nice event!

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