Bhutta or corn on the cob is a favorite snack – especially in the rains …. The fragrance of the roasted corn cobs and the taste of the roasted corns with lemon are out of this world! You can even have some salt and spices smeared along with lemon. Simple but amazing pleasure. 

Here, with the onset of spring, fresh corn on the cob is available. So, with fresh corn on sale, I just grabbed the opportunity to be back in India with the taste of bhutta!


The bhuttawala back in India would deftly roast on the bhutta on a hot coal stove. But the roasting on the gas range at home too is delicious.


You’ll need:

Corn ears

Salt to taste

Red chilly powder and/or Chaat masala (optional)

Oil/Butter (optional)



To Make Your Bhutta:

  1. Remove the leafy husks and thread-like fibers (silks) from the corn ear.
  2. Mix the salt and spices in a plate. Cut the lemon in half.
  3. For roasted bhutta at home, I just dry roast it directly on the gas stove flame on very low heat. If you prefer, you may dab a few drops of oil or butter before roasting.
  4. Slowly the kernels roast, make popping sounds, and get lovely roasted brown-black spots. Slowly move the corn around to evenly roast the entire ear. Take care as the ear will be quite hot, so hold it by the stub.
  5. When evenly roasted, take off the heat.
  6. Dip the cut side of the lemon in the salt-spice mixture and run along the roasted corn. I used only lemon and salt. But, it even tastes yumm without the salt.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy!!

2 Responses to “Bhutta”

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  2. I just relshied a Bhutta,and was searching for it’s English name, stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful title. I also wrote for this delicious dish.

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