Alu Shimla Mirch (Potatoes and Capsicum Vegetable)

Potato and capsicum are a nice combi – I am a big fan of both these veggies 🙂

This one is a simple dish that goes well with rice and rotis. I use boiled potatoes, so the oil required is less.




Potatoes: 2 medium sized boiled and peeled

Capsicum/Bell peppers: 3-4 big ones (Usually green, you may try with other colors as well)

Red chilly powder: ½ teaspoon

Turmeric (haldi) powder: ½ teaspoon

Coriander (dhania) powder: 1 teaspoon

Asafoetida (hing) powder: a pinch

Mustard seeds: ½ teaspoon

Oil: 2 teaspoons

Salt to taste



  1. Chop the capsicum into ½ inch pieces.
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan (non-stick) and add the mustard seeds.
  3. When they pop, add the asafoetida powder.
  4. Add the chopped capsicum to it and mix well. Reduce the heat to low and cook covered till the capsicum is soft and done – Stir every 2-3 minutes to ensure the capsicum does not stick to the pan. You may sprinkle a little water if it begins to stick.
  5. Mash the potatoes to chunks and add to the pan. Also, add the red chilly, turmeric, and coriander powders with salt to taste at this stage.
  6. Mix well but gently – take care that the potatoes don’t become a mushy lump.
  7. Cook for a few minutes so that the flavors blend well.
  8. Turn off the heat and serve with rotis or rice. You may even squeeze a lemon over the sabzi.


3 Responses to “Alu Shimla Mirch (Potatoes and Capsicum Vegetable)”

  1. Looks delicious! Good recipe for when I run out of onions. Thanks for sharing.

    From skribles: Do try it out and hope you like it 🙂


    From skribles: Thanks for the comment and hope you like it 🙂

  3. what a rcipe i just loved it

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