Palak Moong (Spinach with Mung) and Awards!

Palak Moong is another of the comforting and nutritious foods. Simple to make, no need of working near the gas stove for long 🙂 and still a yummy and comforting dish ready in half an hour … This one goes well with rotis/chapattis as well as rice. Also, I received some awards in the last week 🙂 Here’s the recipe and the awards.




~ by skribles on June 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Palak Moong (Spinach with Mung) and Awards!”

  1. I make palak with toor daal…:D

    From skribles: ya thts nice too 🙂 I make molagutal with toor dal and if its without coconut, I use moong dal … both dals taste good with palak.

  2. I make it with chana dal and lots of masala :that’s what Sindhis call Sai Bhaji. Your version looks delicious.

    From skribles: Thanks. That too wud b delicious too 🙂

  3. instead of moong i make it toor dal..will try your version.

    From skribles: Yep, I like the one with toor dal too 🙂 hope u like this version Vanamala

  4. This is my favourite too… looks very tasty:)

    From skribles: Thanks Vani.

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