Another Meme

One more Meme! I have been tagged by JZ of Tasty Treats. I am enjoying filling out these memes. 

I would like to tag:

Divya of
Hetal of
Devi Priya of
Swati of
Sagari of

Here is my meme: 

1.      What was I doing ten years ago?

Studying Engineering in Mumbai.


2.      What are five things on my to-do list for today (non-work related)?

In no particular order:

Cooking and other kitchen stuff

Chatting with parents n bro

Blogging and blog-surfing 😀

Read through for sometime the online course I am doing

Getting laundry done


3.      What are five snacks that I enjoy?

Toasted sandwiches – street-food style

Bhutta (Roasted corn)

Sookha Bhel mixture, sev etc

Samosas/Vadas – basically any fried snack I guess 😀

Chana chat/chundal
Some of my fave chatpate snacks are listed here.


4.      What things would I do if I were a billionaire?

I would shop; travel; spend for hubby, parents, in-laws, bro; some for charity; save and also buy a car and mansion 😀


5.      Places I have lived at?

Mumbai, Thane, Palaghat (Kerala), Chennai, Bangalore, New Jersey


6.      Jobs I have had:
Programming, writer, instructional designer, and now a full-time wife … Have not been able to work after coming to US. Now, I would want start working soon …


~ by skribles on June 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “Another Meme”

  1. nice to read your meme sribbles and thanks for tagging me ,I will do it defenetly

    From skribles: Thanks Sagari 🙂

  2. even i loveee bhutta… thanks for tagging me buddy .. will do it soon…

    From skribles: Thanks Swati … tht will be nice 🙂

  3. Nice to know about you skribles. Thanks for the tag and will tag a few tomorrow!

    From skribles: Thanks Priya. Look forward to reading ur meme.

  4. Enjoyed reading your Meme…. Pretty long list of places that you’ve lived in!! 🙂

    From skribles: Thanks Ramya. Yep 🙂

  5. Nice to know about you Skribles…..

    From skribles: Thanks Vani.

  6. Nice meme. I love samosa and vada too 🙂

    From skribles: Thanks Happy Cook. I guess anything fried brings a special taste to it 😉

  7. loved reading your meme, skribles!! 🙂 what were u doing in palaghat? 😉 r u a malayali?

    From skribles: Thanks JZ. I was born in Palaghat, spent my vacations there 🙂 … I am a malta – palghat tamilian

  8. Lovely meme

    From skribles: Thanks Vanamala

  9. short and sweet meme.

    From skribles: Thanks Shri

  10. Hey sorry for the late reply,was out of town for a week,thanks for tagging me..will try to post the meme soon…

    From skribles: Thanks Hetal – thats okay, you can post the meme whnever u get time 🙂

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