CLICK YELLOW for Bri – Turmeric

Click is a theme-based photography event hosted by Jai and Bee.

This month’s CLICK YELLOW for Bri – June 2008 event is special as it is for a good cause – for Brianna. Do take a look at this post to know more and for the fundraiser for her. Also, to know more about Brianna (Bri) you can visit her site here.

I wanted to use turmeric as my ingredient for the event.
Turmeric is considered to have medicinal properties such as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and several other benefits. The yellow hue of turmeric is considered auspicious in India especially for ceremonies.
Moreover, I use turmeric in almost every dish I make 😀 … My entry for the event is here. It is Turmeric for Bri.



~ by skribles on June 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “CLICK YELLOW for Bri – Turmeric”

  1. lovely click…

    From skribles: Thanks Hetal

  2. Same pinch 🙂 i heard that turmeric heals cancer even! and my mom sent some temple turmeric for me from India 🙂 so was tempted to click that pic 😉

    From skribles: Thanks Shanthi 🙂 ; yep same pinch to you too … and hey u hv a v nice blog out ther of pics

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