Manga Arachu Kalaki

This one is a spicy, tangy accompaniment to the erisseri, kootu, molagutal, or kootan (south-indian lentil-green combis that are not spicy), or even dals. It is a cross between a chutney and pachadi (south-indian style raita).

The key is that this chutney has to be sour. You can use raw mangoes or gooseberries. Have not tried yet, but am toying with the idea of making arachu kalaki with granny smith apples. Will probably put it up as well if I try it out. Click here for the recipe of manga arachu kalaki.



~ by skribles on April 4, 2008.

One Response to “Manga Arachu Kalaki”

  1. i love arachukalaki…goes well with poritha kuzhambu

    From skribles: Thanks for ur comment – arachukalki does go well with poritha kozhambu (i think thts the same as molagutal)

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