Doodhi Molagutal/Kootu (Bottlegourd-Lentil Gravy)

Another healthy molagutal/kootu recipe with doodhi and lentils – at the same time is really tasty too 🙂 It goes well with rice as well as rotis/chapattis. Even kids like the molagutal – you may further reduce the chillies for them. 

This one uses moong dal instead of tuvar dal used for traditional kootu recipes – this is because moong dal is a good combination with doodhi (other names for this humble vegetable – gheeya, lauki, surakai, sorakaya). Click here for the entire recipe.



~ by skribles on March 20, 2008.

One Response to “Doodhi Molagutal/Kootu (Bottlegourd-Lentil Gravy)”

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