Panchratan Sabzi

Inspired by fancy names for dishes in the hotel-ishtyle, I called this dish – panchratan sabzi. Kind-of like kurma, but this one is without ghee or cream. A blend of mix veggies with a few spices and low-fat curd/yoghurt as the thickening agent – healthy but tasty :). For a vegan twist, you can try soy yoghurt/curd may be. 

Panchratan meaning I used 5 veggies. You can make it navratan or as many as you like –with even dry fruits or fruits such as pineapple. That’s the beauty of this dish – was just an experiment – you can vary veggies and customize to your tastes. This recipe is a good one to finish off small portions of different veggies in the fridge. Also, its quick enuf to be made in half hour or so. I used wotever I had with me. Click here for the recipe.



~ by skribles on March 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Panchratan Sabzi”

  1. nice recipe … without much oil/cream it seems an interestin gravy sabzi … will be on my must-try list!

    From skribles: Appreciate that you liked the recipe – do try it out 🙂

  2. this is too good, n autentic….

    From skribles: Thanks Ramesh

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