Naiyyappam Dosa (Sweet Dosa/Pancakes)

Am used to calling this naiyyappam dosai 🙂 as tastes like naiyyappam/unniappam (sweet pancake puff). This is a sweet dosa with jaggery and coconut. Another of the instant dosas from me; this time it is a snack as well as a dessert … with my 32 sweet teeth and not working on a dessert recipe for so long, not fair 😀 

It can be made in a jiffy, especially a good one for sudden guests. Heres the recipe to get us started riteaway!



~ by skribles on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “Naiyyappam Dosa (Sweet Dosa/Pancakes)”

  1. hey thanks for the recipe. reminded of childhood days when amma would make these dosais. they seem so simple to make – will try them out ….

    From skribles: my mom too would make it when we were kids. gd tht u like it, do try it out ….

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