New Low Potassium Dishes Section

This section is to help with desi, mostly south-indian food items for people with diet restrictions. These recipes are majorly a contribution from “J” aunt – almost all recipes in this section would be from her mind and kitchen …. As she says, these recipes would be low on potassium or other such diet-restricted items for health conditions, but surely would be high on taste! 🙂

Presenting some interesting recipes for those of you (or who cook for family/friends) who have restrictions on taking some foods. It may benefit people who have kidney conditions, high cholesterol, diabetes, or other such conditions.

Our current focus for this section on diet restrictions is on diets requiring Low Potassium. Potassium is a mineral needed by the body for proper functioning of nerves, muscles, including the heart muscle. A healthy level of potassium helps control the blood pressure and promotes overall health. However, in case of kidney problems, excess potassium may build up in the body. This excess can cause the irregular heart beat or other such heart issues. In such cases, reducing potassium in the diet can bring the potassium level in blood to normal.

Here are some recipes based on South Indian cooking for diets requiring low potassium. Do feel free to comment and suggest on the same ….


~ by skribles on February 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “New Low Potassium Dishes Section”

  1. please send these recipes

    From skribles: Thanks Ramamurthy. Yes, will try to add more when I learn some.

  2. Can i get a few low K recipes pls

    From skribles: Am not able to work on the blog currently – will try to add more low K recipes whenever possible … nice to know that you find this section useful! 🙂

  3. Unable to assist my aunt who is a vegetarian diabetic who needs to go on a low potassium and sodium diet. So please send the recipes

  4. Pl send some low potassium south indian vegetarian receipes.

  5. A friends diabetic dad, hindu but eats non-veg food, has high potassium-please email low K recipes. It will also help my patients.
    KIran (Pharmacist)

    From skribles: Thanks Kiran … Will try to get more recipes 🙂

  6. Kindly send the recepie

    From skribles: I shall try to get more recipes.

  7. I will apreciate if you can send me some recipes for indian vegetarian with low potassium

  8. Urgently need to know a north indain vegetarian recepies for low potassium and sodium diet. So please send the recipes

  9. Need To know North Indian Vegetarian Low Potassium recipe .

  10. please send the recipes , I have creatine high , I need very badly , I am sugar patient also . pls help me . my mail id

  11. Can you give a list of Low potassium vegetables available in South India? My Doc. advises me to take these. I am a chronic type 2 diabetic controlling sugar levels well i.e. betwween 6.5 to 7 Hb1Ac

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