Low Potassium Molaga Podi (Karam Podi)

For the section on foods with diet-restrictions, heres a recipe from the South Indian menu customized for diets requiring low potassium.

As we all know, Molaga Podi also nicknamed as gun powder is a must in most South Indian households. Molaga podi crisis can cause major tiffin crises and can almost ruin an entire weekend or holiday.

For low potassium diets, most kinds of dals (lentils) can be had only in limited quantity as they are high in potassium. The good news is  – one can make Low Potassium Molaga Podi and bring peace to the molaga podi maniacs 😀 . So let’s start off with the recipe here.


~ by skribles on February 22, 2008.

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