Quick and Nutritious Adai (Savory Lentil/Bean Pancake)

Adai is a savory pancake made with lentils and rice. It is a filling snack/meal that is rich in nutrition – fibre as well as protein. Each household has its own version. The lentils and rice are soaked in water for a few hours (or overnight) and ground to a paste with spices. This batter does not need to be fermented. You can make pancakes with this batter and enjoy immediately. I make it this traditional way too, but this time I tried making the adai powder – home-made instant mix.  

This was a twist I came up with like those readymade instant mixes available. Generally at my place, we don’t like the adai fermented (and it does not need to be). When we prepare the batter in the traditional method, there are no takers for the leftover batter. Moreover, this adai powder is an ideal candidate for a quick healthy meal when you are short on time and/or energy. It takes the pre-planning out of the method 🙂 … You can prep by making this adai powder ahead of time and can make adais in a jiffy. Here’s my recipe.


~ by skribles on February 20, 2008.

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